Your Building May Need a Tune-up

The Building Tune-Up (BTU) Program helps your building operate as efficiently as possible.

Exhaust Fan

Most people understand the importance of having regular tune-ups for their cars, yet most buildings are seldom checked to ensure smooth and efficient operation. As a result, most building do not perform as designed, typically leading to uncomfortable occupants and higher energy bills.

Our Building Tune-Up (BTU) program provides funding for building retro-commissioning – diagnosing, documenting, and fixing operational issues of building energy systems that are not performing as well as they could. We pay for the study to identify cost-effective energy savings measures, and you commit to spending $0.05 per square foot of building area (or $12,000, whichever is less).

Get started today! For more information, see our Program Guide, download the project application, or contact a retro-commissioning service provider to get started.